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Next Generation at BP2015 in November


In November we attended BP2015 where there was a reception for the group with the AHDB Potatoes board on the AHDB stand. Board members were interested to talk to us about our thoughts on the programme, what we enjoyed and what we had learnt. Fiona Fell was also present.

Peter Kendall, AHDB Chairman and Fiona Fell, AHDB Potatoes Chairman presented the British Potato Industry Award while we were there to Nick Vermont, Chief Executive Officer at McCain.

Fiona said it was fitting for the award to be presented in the company of some of our industry’s best and brightest next generation, demonstrating to them just how far a career in the potato industry can take you.

Fiona said Nick spent a huge amount of time and energy into driving value from the potato levy for the industry as a Board and Committee member.

Nick spoke about learning from an early age the inter-relationship between a thriving potato industry and McCain’s success is the need to work with everyone in the supply chain and above all, to take the long term view.

He has worked to take down barriers in the supply chain to increase transparency and build real and lasting partnerships.

Over the years he has often pointed out that neither our neighbours nor our customers are the enemy.

In the evening we had two tables at the dinner with PHD students.