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Nene Potatoes was first registered on 22nd November 1978 under the Industrial and Provident Societies Act and began its first season of marketing potatoes for its members in 1979 with 9 members growing 750 acres of potatoes.

The original group of 9 growers from West Norfolk and South Lincolnshire recognised that improved marketing would bring improved returns for their potato crop and that this could be best achieved through co-operation. The primary objective of the group at its inception was to provide high quality raw material aimed specifically at the processing market.

Markets change and develop with time and with the rise of the multiple retailers and washed and pre-packed potatoes Nene’s objectives changed to meet the new market opportunities. Whilst processing outlets still form an important part of our business the greater part of our tonnage now ends up as washed product in a wide range of retail outlets.

Nene Potatoes is still a “one member one vote organisation” although now a companies act business, owned and controlled by its grower members through an elected board. Today there are 26 members growing over 4,500 acres in Norfolk, Suffolk throughout Lincolnshire and the Midlands across to Shropshire.


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All potatoes marketed by Nene are Red Tractor Farm Assured Produce and many are also grown in accordance with Leaf Marque, Tesco and Sedex. We take the issue of food safety very seriously. Crops are regularly sampled to ensure that residue levels are not exceeded. Agronomic advice is given by BASIS and FACTS trained professionals using only controlled pesticide lists. Sustainable production is actively encouraged.

Regular sampling and QC checks through the harvest and storage periods helps to build powerful data and photosets helping to market the correct crop to the target market. Growers and customers are invited to regular wash-ups of stored samples throughout the season. Technical meetings, field visits and shared information on the latest industry innovations enable us to be at the forefront of meeting our customers’ requirements.

Independent evaluation of new varieties is carried out in a series of trials every year on a variety of soil types ensuring customer and consumer needs are met and our growers have varietal choice to suit their own unique conditions.

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